LW Nylon Fixed Castors

Light Duty White Nylon Fixed Castors with Pressed Steel Bracket

You're looking at our white nylon fixed castors with a pressed steel bracket from our LW series of light duty nylon castors. 
Suitable for a wide variety of light duty applications where the over all weight is not too heavy. With the largest fixed castor in this range coming in at 100mm it has a total load capacity of 140kg per castor. Which honestly is a great load capacity for a castor of this price & size! The smallest fixed castor in this range comes in at a 50mm wheel diameter and is capable of supporting loads of up to 60kg per castor. 

It's important to remember that when you're looking to replace a set of castors that you take into account the way the total load capacity is worked out. When we're advising a customer, we always tell them to work out the total load capacity of a set of castors over three castors rather than a full set of four castors. So for example, we mentioned that the largest fixed castor in this range is capable of supporting loads up to 140kg per castor, so naturally you would assume a set of four of these castors could support 560kg. Which yes, It could, however, this doesnt take into account things like un-even load for example if its for a small trolley, the bulk of the load may be more towards the front of the trolley which would mean the two castors on front of the trolley could be over their maximum load capacity causing one of them or both of them to fail! 

Other things to take into account would be un-even flooring. As always if you're unsure of anything our sales team are always more than happy to help you find the right castor for your application. 

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