LW Series castor; Light Duty Pressed Steel/Nylon Wheel

Nylon Castors & Nylon Castor Wheels are one of our most popular product ranges and we have an incredible range of sizes, styles and fixing methods available in our LW Series of Nylon Castors as well! 
These castors are available in 50mm, 63mm, 75mm and 100mm and have an overall load capacity that varies from 60kg all the way up to 140kg per castor! 

The beauty with Nylon castors is that they're not as harsh on your floor yet have a pretty impressive load capacity as stated above yet are also incredibly light compared to some other castor wheels available that support the same loads! 

These castors are available in braked, fixed and swivel! They're even available in a wide tread if you require wide tread. 


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