Atlas Handling (UK) Marine Equipment Wheels and Castors


Marine equipment wheels and castors can either be located onshore or on vessel out at sea. Wheels and castors used on land only require normal mild steel manufacturing. If however the castors are expected to be out at sea, we would recommended our SSDR series wheels and castors, which are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. We do however have other grades, preferably 314 stainless steel could be used.

Either salt air or cleaning materials used on board marine vessels, can give rise to premature failure from rusting. We would recommend shielded ball bearing, we use 6204 2RS bearings, which are to be fitted in all wheels whatever wheel material used. For the production of heavy marine equipment twin wheel castors, often referred to as dual are recommended. Our DNRGPT castors are fitted with cast polyurethane, on either cast iron centres or aluminium centre DNGRPTA. Our experience dealing with many well-known boat builders and manufactures, is damage caused from excessive weight, which can be removed almost 100% by choosing wheels with polyurethane tyres. Soft urethane castors can also be used, such as our DNGREPA polyurethane wheels.

We would also recommend our truck locks, where braked castors have not been used. Any of our TL4 or TL6 truck locks will work well, their purpose to add stability not a braking force, loads should always remain flat and level. If extremely heavy castors are required, we can offer our DW series from stock, with loading capacities from 2,500kg to 10,000kg per single castor.

If you would prefer to call our technical department, we are happy to offer advice and ensure you choose the correct marine equipment wheels and castors.