Media, Theatre & Stage (Heavy Weight Load Capacity)

Our theatre and stage castors are ideal for drama studios, schools, film sets etc. as they are manufactured for regular use, great for stage props and moving scenery. The viewing public should not notice the castor or wheels used on Theatre and Stage scenery. Can you imagine spending countless hours sketching, designing and manufacturing great pieces of scenery to only have the viewing public’s eyes drawn to scenery castors or wheels? Low level castors can be either black or silver, we offer both colour choices.

Our theatre and stage castors range in size and weight capacity, accommodating for smaller theatre objects too.

Prices vary depending on specifications, from as little as £1.90. We highly recommend NB2LL low level castors, as they offer very heavy load capacities, whilst remaining low bringing together two essential criteria for equipment, used for stage and scenery builds, easy of movement but maintaining low centre of gravity.

High load, low level castors can also be supplied from stock, our 75HGD4NYBJ are rated at 400kg per castor, however maintain a low overall height of only 105mm and being black makes them perfect. Fixed, swivel, braked and bolt hole feature throughout our extensive theatre and stage castors range. Look out for the water drop symbol to identify our stainless steel waterproof castors.

Please view our theatre and stage castors range below, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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