Atlas Handling (UK) Miscellaneous Equipment


Here at Atlas Handling, we not only supply castors and wheels, but a variety of other useful products throughout our website.

Please browse through our miscellaneous equipment and expanders below:




Our expanders range are incredibly good value for their quality, at only £2.39 each. Individual expanders fit sizes from 19mm/21.5mm to 27mm/30mm, with both square and round options available. So find the right internal size for your equipment, in the category above.

Our miscellaneous equipment category consists of many different products briefly discussed below.

Our spring loaded gate castor, is great to support gates and doors, reducing the strain on hinges, aiding a smoother movement. It has a 100mm wheel diameter and a 75kg loading capacity. Its wheel is black elastic rubber and cast iron, for further information, please select the link.

Our large 260mm/10" pneumatic tyre, has a 85mm tread, and is fitted to a plastic wheel centre with 20mm roller bearings. These tyres are ideal for sack and trolley trucks. 

Our stair climber consists of three black rubber wheels, and is great to assist sack trucks up and down stairs, an alternative to using a lift. All dimensions to attach these wheels to your equipment, can be found in the product description.

Our top hat bush is for use in M20 ball bearing centred wheels, and is the only bush we supply within our product range.

Each of the miscellaneous products and expanders described, can be viewed and purchased in the product categories displayed above.

You will be impressed by our variety of miscellaneous equipment and amazingly low prices throughout. If you have any queries regarding the above products, contact us via email, use our live chat service, or take a look at our FAQs page.

Our delivery costs vary depending on the quantity ordered and distance of location, for more information or a cost estimate, please select this link.