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Mobility problems?

Mobility problems?

We had a phone call from a customer who had a particular problem that was causing him an issue.  He thought that we may be able to help as it may involve the use of some heavy duty castors.

The company had bought a very large extruding machine that weighed several tons.  The machine was sitting on very large adjustable feet.  The adjustable feet enabled them to level the machine when in use.  Unfortunately the machine produced a lot of waste, most was collected but some was gathering around, behind and under the extruder.

Our customer believed that putting the machine on heavy duty fixed castors would enable him to move the machine back and forth so he could clean underneath.  On further investigation it became apparent that this was not going to work as the castors would affect the stability of the machine which could affect the tolerances.  We had to come up of a way that used castors to move heavy objects but were not used as stable feet.

We suggested using some Jacking castors fitted with some heavy duty fixed castors. These jacking castors have the ability of lifting items up enabling you to move the machine and then put it down again.  This works well if you do not want to move the item a lot and also eliminates any instability of leaving a machine on castors.  These Jacking castors were fitted and have been working well.


There are various types of Jacking castors, all thread jacking castors known as Light duty jacking castors; Medium duty jacking castor, Heavy duty jacking castor; extra heavy duty jacking castor and side winding jacking castor.  All the jacking castors we do can be fitted with either fixed castors, \swivel castors and braked castors.  Depending on the use we can fit any type of wheel from nylon wheels to poly cast wheels.


Please call Atlas Handling Uk ltd for a price on 01527 501148.

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