NGRPTA Polyurethane on Aluminium Centre Heavy Duty Castors

Heavy Duty Poly Nylon Castors with Aluminum Centre

You're looking at our range of heavy duty NGRPTA series of castors. These castors are built with a Polyurethane tread on an aluminum centre, all wrapped up in a black fabricated steel bracket assembly.

The NGRPTA series of castors are currently available as a swivel castor, fixed castor and a braked castor each available in four different sizes being, 125,, 150mm, 160mm and 200mm. The total load capacity on these castors varies from size to size, for example, the smallest of the set having a 125mm wheel diameter can support loads up to 450kg per castor and the largest of the set having a wheel diameter of 200mm can support up to 800kg per castor! 


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