NGRRT Heavy Duty Elastic Rubber on Cast Iron Castors

Heavy Duty Black Elastic Rubber Castors With Cast Iron Centre

You're looking at our NGRRT series of black rubber on a cast iron core all housed in a black fabricated steel bracket. Available in three different styles that include swivel, fixed and braked these castors are suitable for a wide variety of applications! Not only do they have different styles but they also have a variety of wheel diameters that include 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm. It's important to remember that in most cases, as the wheel diameter increases so does the load capacity that the castor can support. For eample, in this particular range the 125mm heavy duty castor can support up to 250kg per castor, where as the 250mm heavy duty castor can support up to 700kg per castor! That's a pretty big increase!

The beauty of these heavy duty castors lay in their cast iron core, this allows them to have a rather high load capacity but unlike pure cast iron castors, these castors also have a black elastic rubber treat which makes them less harsh on flooring and much easier for them to overcome debris on flooring. One of the down falls of cast iron castors without a treat is the fact that they can be very hard wearing on floor but they can also struggle with debris, even the smallest of debris can be hard for a cast iron castor to overcome. 

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