NGR Braked Nylon Castor

Heavy Duty White Nylon Braked Castors in a Heavy Duty Black Fabricated Bracket

If you're looking for a heavy duty braked castor that just keeps on giving, you've found the right page! Introducing our NGR series of heavy duty braked castor. Made form a heavy duty white nylon wheel in a heavy duty black fabricated bracket, this castor not only looks the part of heavy duty but it also plays the role incredibly well! 

Currently available in four different wheel diameters ranging from 150mm all the way up to 250mm this castor has a load capacity that can support incredible weight which varies with the four different wheel diameters. 
The 250mm diameter castor is the largest castor in this range and it's capable of supporting loads of up to 1200kg per castor! That's pretty incredible! 

It contains ball bearings that make this heavy duty applications easier to move as well and the heavy duty brake will make sure that your heavy load isn't going to be moving anywhere unless you tap the brake back off. 

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