NGR Fixed Nylon Castor

Heavy Duty White Nylon Fixed Castors in a Black Fabricated Bracket

Introducing our very good looking range of heavy duty fixed nylon castors from our NGR series. 
This series of heavy duty fixed castors fits in well with our theme of good looking heavy duty castors, I know that i'm probably bias but i really do feel like they're a great looking castor! Particularly on the bottom of a warehouse trolley, they just fit the part! For me at least... Some people prefer the bog standard boring castor. Not me... 

What makes our heavy duty fixed castors so special? 
Well for starters, how competitively priced they are for what they give! Made from a heavy duty white nylon castor, ball bearing for making those heavy loads easier to move all housed in a heavy duty black fabricated steel bracket. We'd like to say that Nylon is much easier going on flooring than other wheel materials such as cast iron. 

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