NGR Swivel Nylon Castor

Heavy Duty White Nylon Swivel Castors with Heavy Duty Black Fabricated Bracket

Introducing our incredible looking range of heavy duty white nylon swivel castors from our NGR series of heavy duty castor. 
This castor is made from a heavy duty white nylon wheel, ball bearings for making heavy loads easier to move all housed in a heavy duty black fabricated bracket. 

This heavy duty castor is just one of those castors that keeps on giving. Available in four different wheel diameters ranging from 125mm all the way through to 250mm the largest of these swivel castors is capable of supporting loads of up to 1200kg per castor. 

Just for your own reference, when you're working out the overall load capacity that a particular set of castors can take, it's always important to take into account that you work out the overall load a set can support over three castors and not the full four castors. 
For example, we've mentioned that the 250mm heavy duty swivel castor in this set can support loads of up to 1200kg per castor, That would not however make a set of four of these castors support 4800kg, The overall load capacity for a set of four would actually be 3600kg. 

We work out the total load capacity this way purely for safety reasons, There are many external factors to take into consideration such as how the weight is distributed across the application for example a trolley! The user may end up stacking everything at one end of the trolley, this would not be even distribution and the castors at the front of the trolley would actually end up carrying much more of the load than the castors at the back end of the trolley, This could cause the castors at the front of the trolley to fail if the load is over their total load capacity. Other things to take into consideration would be things such as an un-even floor which could cause a similar problem. 

If you're ever unsure about anything or would like help in working out the load capacity of your application our sales team would be more than happy to help. 

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