Atlas Handling (UK) Nylon Castors


All our products are created for different working and home environments, with different materials being used throughout many industries. Our castor series, GD, LW, DR, GDH, LMH and NGR each hold the majority of our nylon wheel range, due to its impressive heavy loading capacity, and long product life. Nylon ensures the wheels of your application remain light, whilst being able to withstand a heavy loading capacity.

Our nylon castors are available in light, medium and heavy duty, accommodating for a variety of different weights amoungst individual applications. There are many options to choice from, whether you wish to have the castor housing with or without brakes, and a fixed or swivel style, depending on your application needs. Both a top fitting plate and a bolt hole fitting are available throughout this range. A twin nylon wheel is also available for extra stability.

Please select the image below, to view all our nylon castors and nylon wheels series.


Nylon Castors Range


Although nylon is a good choice of material, depending on your environment, surface condition and room temperature, another wheel material may be required. How frequently you use your applications, will also make some wheel materials more appropriate than others for you. To find out more about our range of tyre materials available, and decide which is the best for you, please select the link. If your applications are used frequently, a hard tread wheel material is always recommended.

Our nylon range wheel diameters starts from a small 50mm, and increase to a larger wheel for a smoother motion. Many different wheel dimensions are available, offering different running movements and speeds, to find out more please select the link.

We make sure that you choose the perfect combination of material, size, style and ideal capacity load you require. We supply as many different combinations as possible, to assist you in an advanced product search. An advanced search selection bar is located on the right-hand side of every product description once selected, so you find what your specifically looking for faster. Don't forget to check out our clearance category and see whether the product you want is on offer today.

Our delivery costs vary depending on the quantity ordered and distance of location, for more information or a cost estimate, please select this link.