Nylon Plain Bore

Plain Bore White Nylon Castor Wheels

You're looking at our incredible range of white nylon plain bore castor wheels. You may have seen that we mention nylon castor wheels quite a lot, You may also notice that we have a great range of heavy duty castors that also have a nylon centre. One of the main reasons that nylon is such a popular materials for castors is that even though it's a very lightweight material it's also a very strong material! Now, Usually when you think of a heavy duty castor wheel we're going to presume that you think of something such as a cast iron wheel or at least something with a cast iron core. Well you'll notice here that some of these nylon castor wheels can actually support a rather impressive load capacity! Just take the W80WNY nylon wheel, It has a wheel diameter of 80mm and can support up to 200kg per wheel! I think that's pretty impressive to be honest! 

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