Replacement Office Chair Castors

  Replacement Office Chair Castor Wheels

Ideal replacement for all your existing office chair castors.

  •     Easily fitted to almost any office chair manufactured in the last 5 years (and the vast majority of older chairs: see * below for help)

  •     Very hard wearing and durable.

  •     Highly resilient tyre material - will not affect the handling or stability of your chair.

  •     Also suitable for any other office equipment or furniture where the existing castors have 11mm diameter friction ring stems.

* easiest way to check compatibility - especially with older chairs - try removing 1 castor by inverting your chair and pulling it out of the base - now measure the section of the stem that goes into the chair carefully - if it is 11mm diameter by around 22mm long - then these will fit - it's that simple!



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