BlogInformationOutdoor Maintenance - Do you require garden cart wheels or wheelbarrow wheels?

Outdoor Maintenance - Do you require garden cart wheels or wheelbarrow wheels?

Outdoor Maintenance - Do you require garden cart wheels or wheelbarrow wheels?

Whether you're looking for garden cart wheels or wheelbarrow wheels, we supply a variety of suitable solutions.

Does a garden spring clean take place every year in your household? Keeping shrubberies in order and managing ground control, hauling compost, tools, weeds and heavy garden accessories around, conducting the gardening chores in general. It would all be impossible without the assistance of a garden cart or wheelbarrow.

Whichever is best for your needs, we can supply you with reliable and quality castors and wheels.

The age old comparison between the classic garden cart and basic wheelbarrow, is a tough decision, it would appear the only way to decide is to simply weigh up the pros and cons. Capacity (larger loads mean less trips), comfortable handles, what materials you are being transported, topography (uneven ground), ease of handling, balance and manoeuvrability, ease of unloading (wheelbarrows are tipped, carts often harvest a removable side panel to unload contents). A wheelbarrow can be easier to manoeuvre giving more control as you can walk behind it, whereas garden carts must be pulled, therefore more tricky to manoeuvre, however they offer more stability with 4 castor wheels, enabling the ability to travel over rougher ground.

Decide the best solution for your garden. However one factor we can help you decided easily, is whether you require wheelbarrow pneumatic wheels or garden cart wheels.

Perhaps you are looking for pneumatic wheels? Pneumatic are air-filled, making a wheelbarrow easy to push and replace if worn down over time, or view our heavy duty castors range ideal for your garden cart, fulfilling your ground care requirements this spring.

We believe in providing our customers with high quality castors and wheels at competitive prices, sourced from all around the world. Please browse our catalogue, if you can't find what you are looking for on our Website, or contact us today.

- Atlas Handling UK -

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