Atlas Handling (UK) Passivated Castors


Our high quality castor bodies and fixtures are now also available with a special coating, creating our passivated castor range. However please be aware that they are still manufactured from steel. We supply this effect for a variety of our range, designed for many different industries and applications. Each set is able to hold a different capacity, however all the sets displayed in the link below, are heavy duty only. Therefore the majority of our heavy duty series, but not all, include this special coating, and are able to withstand a large capacity weight. Make sure you check the limitations of each set in their product descriptions. This will ensure you identify whether what you have selected, is in fact the best choice for you. Your decision will also depend on your applications requirements.

Our passivated castors are available in either a fixed, swivel or brake styles. There are a variety of different wheel materials to choose from, including nylon, poly nylon, polyurethane, elastic rubber, blue elastic rubber and cast iron wheels, all fixed into pressed steel castor bodies. This effect is a great choice if you require a higher capacity, and may compliment particular applications, depending on their purpose.

Below are a few of the heavy duty castors we supply, each ideal for an industrial environment. Please take your time to browse through all our heavy duty castor series available, supplied with many variations, including different wheel diameters, a selection of tread depths and heights, all fitted around a choice of different centres and bearings, with many other similar variations to choose from too.

Below is a link to the GDH castor series, a popular choice which displays the majority of our passivated castors:


Passivated Castors Image
Passivated Castors


We have made sure, that all our high quality products, both standard and heavy duty, are extremely good value for money, which can often be found on our regular clearance section featured here on our Website. Our heavy duty range has been developed overtime, with help from both our customers and suppliers, all offered at very reasonable prices. They are all easy to fit and manufactured from hard wearing materials.

All our standard and heavy duty range is displayed here online in our Ebook catalogue along with all product specifications, including detailed product tables consisting of wheel dimensions, expanders, miscellaneous products, informative furniture fitting pages and much more. The online catalogue also recommends the ideal spacing and fitting combinations of each set, giving you a better perspective of the best choice for your applications.

If you are still unsure whether you are choosing the right set, please use the following calculation to ensure you include all of the weight that the castor will need to bear:

Load capacity of castor = Weight of equipment + trolley ÷ 3

Please click on any of the products on our Website to view further information and find out each castors individual specifications. Once you find the product you have been looking for, simply add it to your cart, located on the right hand side of this page, which you can view anytime throughout browsing, then proceed to the checkout.

Our delivery options can also be viewed via this link.