Poly Tyre on Aluminium Centre Castors

Our polyurethane on aluminium centre range is suitable for use within a range of environments, with a stronger chemical resistance than rubber, these wheels are perfect for use where industrial chemicals are present.  

Series: DRPTA

Diameter: 80mm - 200mm | Load Capacity: 180kg - 350kg

Our lowest load capacity series within the polyurethane on the aluminium centre range.

Series: DRHPTA

Diameter: 100mm - 125mm | Load Capacity: 250kg - 300kg

The heavy duty version of our DRPTA series.

Series: GDHPTA

Diameter: 125mm - 200mm | Load Capacity: 450kg - 800kg

Our exclusive gold bracket upgraded version of the DRHPTA series, the heavier duty bracket increases the load capacity range.

Series: NGRPTA

Diameter: 125mm - 200mm | Load Capacity: 450kg - 800kg


Diameter: 150mm - 200mm | Load Capacity: 1100kg - 1500kg

The double wheel version of our popular NGRPTA series, offering a higher load capacity capability.

Series: LMHPTA

Diameter: 125mm - 200mm | Load Capacity: 450kg - 500kg


Diameter: 125mm - 200mm | Load Capacity: 500kg

A sleek black bracket for the LMHPTA series.

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