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Poly put the Castor on

Poly put the Castor on

LMH Series; Medium Duty Fabricated Steel /Poly Nylon Wheel Castor




We offer a huge range of polyurethane castors ranging from medium to heavy duty. We offer our polyurethane castors with either plain bearings, roller bearings or ball bearings. These include our polyurethane on nylon, polyurethane on cast iron and even polyurethane on aluminium. Our newest wheel is an elasticated polyurethane on nylon.Our polyurethane castors are manufactured to a very high standard and look smart


Polyurathane Tyres on Nylon with plain borePolyurathane Tyres on Nylon with Roller Bearing borePolyurathane Tyres on Nylon with Ball Bearing borePolyurathane Tyres on Cast IronPolyurathane Tyres on Cast Iron (Round Profile)


We offer these wheel materials in all types of brackets swivel, fixed, braked, bolt hole and bolt braked. The size we offer varys with each wheel material and they are between 80mm and 400mm with load capacities rangin from 100kgs up to 3500kgs. We pride ourselves on being the best when it comes to Polyurethane and our warehouse never runs out of stock and only supplying our customers with high quality polyurethane castors 



Our polyurethane castors are suitable for most heavy duty applications operating under high load and uneven surfaces. Keywords: Polyurethane castors, polyurethane swivel castors, polyurethane fixed castors, polyurethane braked castors.Our Polyurethane castors are used on certain cooking shows on the televison and have been for a numerous of years now







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