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Replacement Hairdressing Castors

Replacement Hairdressing Castors

Now we're calling on all hairdressers & beauticians for this blog post and we're going to tell you how you can save a considerable amount of money in your salon! 

So, When our IT Technician Tom became part of a team, he was also involved in his partners hair salon "Revive Hair Artists" so the hairdressing industry was something that he was heavily involved in and still is 7 years later! One of the things that he noticed was how expensive the majority of seemingly standard products were such as hairdressing trolleys and hairdressing stools. 

Hairdressing stools as many hairdressers will know can cost anything upwards of £60 and if you're buying 4 of them this can ammount over time, especially when you're having the age old issue of your clients hair getting wrapped around the wheels of the castors on your cutting stool to the point where they no longer move or even come off the spindle! 

Once the hair has really worked its way in, there isn't really much that can be done, honestly, we've all tried, scissors, soaking etc... Usually the answer would be "We're going to have to buy a new cutting stool" this ofcourse means spending another £60 at least! you can imagine that this really builds up over the lifetime of your salon, so here's a little something that can save you some money! 

Why not just replace the wheels on your cutting stool / cutting trolley? 

One of the products that we do hold a lot of stock of are some very basic castor wheels that also happen to fit hairdressing cutting stools and hairdressing trolleys! But fortunately, don't cost anywhere near the price of one. As soon as we started advertising these they became an instant success! As many hairdressers will know, as soon as you put the word "Hairdressing" infront of a product it immediately bumps up the price! 

Now please bear in mind when replacing the castors on your cutting stool or trolley as these castors will not fit every single one, these will only fit cutting stools and trolleys that have an 11mm stem, this is pretty standard in the UK now but please do check this before ordering. 

We're also going to tell you, that these are sold in sets of 5 as most cutting stools do have 5 wheels on them, however, if you've only got one wheel failing on your cutting stool it seems strange to replace the whole set for one wheel. We're going to tell you not to! Just replace the wheel that has the hair wrapped around it. 

Tom often just replaces the wheels on the cutting stools that have failed otherwise it's just bumping up the cost per stool / trolley 

We know we keep adding things into something so simple but we'd also really like to tell you about the two types of these castors as if like Tom, you've owned a salon that has wooden floor, you know that the floor can get real scuffed over time from constantly sliding around on your cutting stool. That's why we also sell replacement cutting stool castors with a softer tread as well that aren't has hard wearing on your floor.

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