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The various local councils and authorities will be busy repairing the roads, now that the snow and frost have left their ravaging marks on our ways and byways. There will be a need for wheels and castors for trolleys and wheelbarrows, which are used in the various activities of road repairs. There will be wheels on the tarmacking machines and individuals might be using a truncated form such as sack trucks. Therefore replacement wheels for sack trucks maybe required, usually solid rubber tyred wheels, but occasional inflatable pneumatic rubber tyred wheels.

It is interesting if you have the time, to watch these techniques in the course of repairing roads. First they have to take the old and damaged road down to a level where new tarmac will bind and take. The machines used will have been transported from a main depot of trucks having 4 or 8 inflated rubber tyred wheels, or towed by a lorry in a trailer with 2 rubber tyred inflatable wheels. When repairs are complete it is often necessary to re-mark the road with a different type of machine, sometimes having 3 steel wheels configured in a triangular pattern, which moves a steel or iron container holding the white marking paint. Of course with all these activities using various wheels and castors, replacement wheels and castors will always be required, particularly wheelbarrow wheels. With all this expensive activity going on, I hope they haven’t jumped the gun too soon before another band of bad weather descends on us. That would be a real snowball!

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