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Roads and Helicopters

Roads and Helicopters

If, in the pursuit of buying or selling Wheels and Castors you travel constantly on our roads, you will be aware of just how crowded and dangerous they are. We pay taxes in various guises – road tax, speed fines, parking fines and other undisguised methods of raising money. To add to our travails we pay exorbitant vehicle insurance, tax inflated prices for petrol and maintenance costs which, on our often corrupted roads, means a set of Rubber Tyres or sometimes with so called speed bumps and cavernous craters in the road exacting their toll, a new set of Rubber Tyred Wheels. And do we have these roads maintained and preserved for vehicles? It seems no longer as recently we had to share a highway with a helicopter!

Helicopters do not utilise wheels and castors in their operation, but they do cause one hell of a mess to the road and its occupants. Very, very sadly the two helicopter crew men were killed and our sympathies go to their loved ones. This sad event caused 6 members of the public to be taken to hospital on trolleys with 2 Fixed and 2 Swivel Castors, with the less injured in chairs with 2 Large Wheels and 2 Smaller Wheels. Those retained in hospital were committed to beds with very special Furniture Castors.

Special Medical Castors are required for regular mobility. See what other applications require wheels and castors. Fortunately no one else lost their lives but it does remind us of the dangers on the roads and the resulting resolve must be to keep helicopters off our roads unless they pay the taxes.

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