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Special purpose castor, specifically designed to help support the ends of wide gates or doors and to reduce the strain on hinges & supports and provide smooth operation and movement. Suitable for use for industrial, agricultural, security or heavy domestic gates and doors the spring loaded design provides automatic height adjustment over uneven or sloping floor surfaces. The castor features a Synthethic Elastic Rubber tyred wheel with sealed 'greased for life' ball journal axle bearings to provide years of smooth trouble free opperation.  The spring has a maximum compression of 3" / 75mm and will provide up to 70kg of force* .We reccomend that carefull consideration of the location of the castor should be made before attempting to fit it*.

*for those of you unfamiliar with the concept of gate castors, please note that gate castors are not designed to carry the entire weight of the gate, but to provide support at the ends of gates or doors to relieve the strain and wear on hinges and supports from the day-to-day use of the gates and also to provide a smoother & more controlled movement - therefore the gate castor needs to be mounted as far away from hinges or supports as is possible (i.e. at the opposite end) in order to be as effective as possible.

Additional Information

Fixing Plate Length 165mm
Fixing Plate Width 41mm
Load Capacity 70kg
Max Travel 75mm
Overall Height 375mm
Wheel Diameter 100mm

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