SSDRBN Series; Elastic Rubber on Nylon Centre Non-Marking Castors

Our SSDRBN series of stainless steel castors with a blue elastic rubber non-marking tread on a black nylon centre. 
Suitable for a wide variety of applications but extremely suitable when it comes to applications in the hospitality and catering sector or really for anywhere they will be around water. We've all no doubt seen castors on pieces of kitchen equipment that were just purely placed on that equipment with cost saving in mind and we've all surely seen how off colour and rusty they can go? I've certainly seen my fair share of rusty castors that should have just never been used for the application in mind. 

Available in five different styles that include swivel, fixed, braked, bolt hole and bolt hole braked, these are a truly versatile stainless steel castor that can be fitted to a variety of different pieces of equipment and to be honestl the load capacity on these is pretty impressive! For example, the 80mm bolt hole braked castor can support up to 150kg per castor! That's the smallest castor in this particular range! 

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