SSDRGR Series; Grey Non-Marking Rubber on Plastic Centre

Introducing our range of SSDRGR series of castor, Made from a grey rubber tread on a plastic centre these stainless steel castors are perfectly suitable for a vast array of applications where moisture and water may be an issue to other castors. 

This particular range, however, being stainless steel will not suffer the same fate as they're made with moisture and water in mind! 

They're available in five different styles that include swivel, fixed, braked, bolt hole and bolt hole braked! They're also available in a variety of different wheel diaeters that include 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm, and 200mm.

Whilst these are not classed as heavy duty castors by our definition, they can still carry a pretty significant load, especially for something such as a small catering trolley. The smallest braked castor for example having an 80mm wheel diameter can support loads up to 65kg per castor! 

Please always take into consideration though, how you work out the total load you actually need, When we're advising any customer, we always tell them to divide the load over three castors rather than four. We say this to take into account issues such as uneven load where perhaps one end or one corner of the trolley is carrying much more than another. Another issue could be un-even flooring, there are many things that you could consider. If you have any problems finding the correct castor for your application, however, please do give us a call and our sales team will be more than happy to assist you with your query. 

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