SSDRLNY Series; Stainless Steel / Nylon Castor

You're looking at our range of SSDRLNY stainless steel castors with a nylon wheel. These are suitable for a wide variety of applications where moisture is going to cause a problem to conventional castors that are not made with a stainless steel bracket. 

If you're in the industry of catering & hospitality you'll find these castors particularly useful and cost effective! 

The series of SSDRLNY castors are available in five different styles including, Swivel, Braked, Fixed, Bolt Hole & Bolt Hole Braked. They are available in two sizes being 50mm and 75mm with the larger of the two having the higher load capacity. The 50mm castor is capable of supporting loads of up to 40kg and the 75mm castor can support loads of up to 80kg per castor! 

Keeping in mind though, we don't work out the total load over the complete set of castors. For example, if you're looking at buying a set of four 50mm castors, we'd always advise that this would be 150kg and not 200kg. The reason behind this is because of things such as uneven load, If you've not loaded the trolley evenly then some castors will be carrying much more load than a castor on the opposite side. 

If you have any more questions or queries then our sales team is always more than happy to help assist you! 

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