SSDRLTPR Series; Synthetic Non-Marking Grey Rubber on Plastic Centre Castors

Introducing our range of SSDRLTPR stainless steel castors. The SSDRLTPR series is available with five different styles of castor that include, swivel, fixed, braked, bolt hole and bolt hole braked. They also have two different wheel diameters that include 50mm and 75mm. 

Suitable for a variety of different applications, these stainless steel castor wheels are going to become your new best friend, particularly if you're looking for something that will not rust or corrode! The value for money that you get with these castors is honestly great, we've seen companies that work within the catering industry buy castors time and time again but always just your bog standard bolt hole castor, only to be replaced in a couple of years because it's rusted or corroded. A stainless steel castor however would still be going strong as they have been designed to work around moisture. They won't corrode, they won't rust and it makes them suitable for such an array of applications such as catering as we've already mentioned but also many more applications as well such as ones in clean rooms, laboratories, outdoor applications, hospitals, doctors surgeries, schools and more! 

Because of their stainless steel build, this, as mentioned above does mean that they will not rust or corrode, this also makes them a vital piece of equipment when it comes to applications where strict health and safety regulations come into force and you cannot have a corroded or rusty castor breaking on you. 

Show our SSDRLTPR range of stainless steel castors the love that we feel for it and they'll love you back just as much.

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