SSDRTPR Series; Synthetic Non-Marking Grey Rubber on Plastic Centre

Stainless Steel Non-Marking Grey Rubber Castors on Plastic Centre

Introducing our SSDRTPR series of stainless steel castors. You have have come across stainless steel castors before, Particularly if you work in the catering & hospitality industry. 

If you do however work in the hopspitality and catering industry and you've never come across stainless steel castors before, We're about to introduce you to a prodct that could potentially save you a fair amount of money in the long run! 
The beauty of stainless steel castors is their ability to be able to be around water and moisture, this makes them extremely suitable for things such as catering trolleys / counters. They're available in five different styles that include, swivel, fixed, braked, bolt hole and bolt hole braked as well as coming in a variety of different wheel diameters that include 80mm, 100mm and 125mm.

We've no doubt all seen catering trolleys with castors on that really probably shouldnt be on there, I remember the first time i saw my catering castor horror story, I was in a theatre in Birmingham watching my neice perform, I was sat right at the front when all of a sudden, they wheel out a catering trolley which presumeably had come out of the theatres kitchen, The castors were discoloured, tarnished and rusty. At this point i hadn't worked in the castor industry for very long but it's one of those things, You immediately know that those castors do not belong on that piece of kitchen furniture and they needed some stainless steel castors pronto! 

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