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Snow Has The Last Word

Snow Has The Last Word

Well we didn’t get snow for Christmas and no doubt some bookies cleaned up. But we did in mid February and in some quantity. Snow usually triggers traffic chaos. Traffic involves all sorts of vehicles running on Inflatable Rubber Tyred Wheels and the efficiency of the vehicles depend on several conditions, one of these the condition of the Rubber Tyres. The design of tyres is a separate science and the number of surface combinations determine road holding abilities and longevity. The large tyre producing companies employ many different types of trolley to transport things around the factory floors. These will almost always use Polyurethane Tyred Castors, Swivel Castors and Fixed Castors. They will almost invariably have the Swivel Castors Braked.

However even with expertly designed Tyres on vehicles, in bad snowy, icy weather there will be accidents and people will end up in hospital. Four Wheeled Trolleys then move causalities to beds, that are set on special high tech Bed Castors, allowing movement around the ward and adjustment up and down. Very often underneath beds will be another on 4 Castors called a Truckle bed. This is named after a truckle which is a wheel pulley in Middle English or, more intriguingly, considering the smells in hospitals a small drum shaped cheese.

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