Sport in general creates a great deal of wealth in the UK but absorbs it as well. It varies in the different resources it uses, but one thing is common to all sports - arenas and the preparation of the surface. Aided and abetted as it is by wheels and castors, there are many other items which use wheels, both solid rubber wheels for arena trolleys and pneumatic rubber tyred wheels for green surface trolleys. Football is the largest spectator sport in the UK. Actually play the game does not need conveyor wheels or conveyor rollers. Most professional footballers are trained to be very fit in terms of running and some might say at their smoothest, they are like well designed trolleys running on polyurethane tyred castors, with the forward momentum of fixed wheeled castors and the flexibility and manoeuvrability of swivel wheeled castors.

At the top end of the game the players earn, or at least get huge sums of money, which despite large crowds, has to be financed out of perceived bottomless pocket of the owners. Consequently these high earning people all run the most expensive cars, all running on 4 pneumatic tyred wheels. On the ground many pieces of machinery are used, especially motor mowers, having 4 rubber tyred wheels and a rotary concealed cutter in the body of the machine. Alternatively a gang mower with smaller wheels supports and moves the grass collector inside, and a large rear roller sometimes filled with water to add weight and flatten the ground. All this fitness training and wheel based ground preparation, is done to facilitate a game that is cleverly the movement of a bag of wind, without wheels or castors in sight.  

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