Atlas Handling (UK) Spring Loaded Castors Information


We supply a variety of castors and wheels, including a spring loaded gate castor, in our agricultural castors range. Spring loaded castors can also be used for industrial and security purposes. They are considered special purpose castors, as they have been cleverly designed to aid the support of wide gates, reducing excessive strain and wear on gate hinges on a daily basis. A spring loaded gate castor is not designed to support the entire weight of a gate, its maximum loading capacity supports up to 70kg of force.

Our spring includes features such as automatic height adjustment and 'greased for life' ball journal axle bearings, providing a longer life expectancy and trouble free operation. The 100mm tyred wheel is manufactured from synthetic black elastic rubber, housed in cast iron. For further detailed specifications, please view our spring loaded gate castor by selecting this link. Your gate will maneuver smoothly, open and close, at amazing value.

If you wish to find out more information about our spring loaded gate castor, where to position the castor along your gate (at the opposite end to be effective), or any of our castors and wheels range, please do not hesitate to call a member of our team today.


Spring Loaded Gate Castor