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Stainless Steel fish tales

Stainless Steel fish tales

Some interesting facts


How much fish do we eat in the UK?

We eat £5.65 billion worth of seafood in the UK weighing in at 380,000 tonnes.

What is the most popular fish in the UK?

The top ten is as follows:





Warmwater prawns

Coldwater prawns






Atlas Handling uk ltd has been supplying castors to the fishing industry for many years.  Originating from Grimsby, my family has a history in the fish industry.

The main type of castor we supply is a stainless steel castor.  They are designed not to go rusty when splashed or washed down.  The most common wheel that is fitted into these castors is the plain nylon wheel.  The plain nylon wheel has the advantage of being resistant to many liquids, one of which being salt water.  They have a very good load capacity and do not degrade.

Nylon wheels however can be noisy, and in the busy, hectic fish industry they can cause extra noise.  If noisy castors are an issue then the Polyurethane tyred castors/wheels would be a better option.  These castors carry heavy loads and are also resistant to sea water etc.

We had a customer, a few years back that had a fish smoking factory.  It was actually next to my grandfather’s old smoke house.  They had a problem with some castors that had been fitted to their drying rack, trolleys that held the smoked fish once it had been removed from the ovens.  The dyed type of smoked fish was dripping dyed water and fish oil onto their trolley wheels.  They would then wash down the trolleys ready for the next batch.  The trolleys were becoming hard to push so they gave up and phoned around for advice.  We spoke to them for a while and we determined that the castors had been fitted with a plastic type of bush and with the dampness of the water and the fish oil it was making the bushes expand and thus preventing the castor wheels to rotate properly.  We suggested that they try a poly/nylon wheel with a standard stainless steel bush.  This was a few years back now and the castors are still performing well in a quite harsh environment.

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