Stair Climber Wheel Assembly

Price: £17.53 Ex VAT
(£21.03 including VAT)

Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Code: Tristair

Technical Information

Bore Size 20mm
Bracket Material BZP
Height 130mm (From floor to centre bore).
Hub Length 60mm
Overall Width including Bolt 70mm
Wheel Bearing Roller
Wheel Diameter 160mm
Wheel Material Black rubber

Industrial Stair Climber Trolley Castor

Here, You're looking at something thats honestly been a very interesting castor for us! It's something that we've sold for many years and we've seen it trend time and time again. People realise how helpful it is, it slows down and then a year later the trend begins again. We'd love everybody to know how handy a stair clibing castor is! Especially if you're going a lot of work around... stairs! The idea of this castor is to fit it to a sack truck so you can get it up and down stairs easily but i'm guessing you know that much because it is called a stair climber! 

The stair climber is a triangular bracket that has three castor wheels fitted in it. The castor wheels that are fitted are made from black rubber and are suitable for a wide variety of applications however, please be aware that black rubber can mark some floors. 

Whilst the stair climber castor has been designed to fit a variety of sack trucks, i'm sure that there have been customers that have fitted them to many other unique and wonderful things, If you do fit your stair climber to something uniqe and wonderful, Please do let us know as we love hearing what our customers have done with our products, we may even do a write up about your applicaiton / company! 

If you're unsure if the stair climber will work for you, please feel free to give our sales team a call who are always more than happy to assist. Alternatively if you're feeling a little shy, please feel free to use our online chat facility which is located in the bottom right hand corner of the website at all times we are available. If we're not available, please feel free to write us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we're back around.

Expert Answers

hi, I would like to order two sets of stair climber wheels but with non-marking tyres please?

Answered 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Hello! Is there possibly this type of wheel available with wheels that do no leave marks on floors?

Hello Otso yes we change the wheels however, not listed on our site how many do you require please Kind Regards Paul

Answered 6 months ago


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