BlogInformationStair climbing problems !??

Stair climbing problems !??

Stair climbing problems !??

Here at Atlas Handling uk ltd we stock a wide variety of castors and wheels.  The majority of them fit into the standard range of common castors.  We do however stock a variety of special use or specific castors and wheels that are for particular applications.

We had a customer arrive at our trade counter who had an issue with a sack truck.  In most cases we can supply replacement wheels for sack trucks of the shelf as they are quite universal.  A lot of sack trucks use 200mm rubber tyred or 160mm rubber tyred wheels.  They are either made of solid black rubber or air filled wheels.  The pneumatic wheels are generally 10” in diameter.

The customer who came in had quite a few sack trucks; he used them for delivering furniture to houses etc.  This worked quite well for him except when it came to getting some of the heavier units up the stairs.  They would use a standard sack truck but this took a couple of people to guide the sack truck up the stairs while lifting at the same time.  Not only did this take a lot of effort but was sometimes causing damage as the sack truck bounced on top of each step.

We have been supply sack truck manufacturers for many years with standard wheels but one of the designs uses special wheels, surprisingly called a stair climber!  This wheel is a a centre assembly that houses three separate wheels.  These are mounted on the sack truck and enable users to climb stairs smoothly without knocking on each step.  They allow a single user to get the stair climber sack truck up and down stairs without the need for someone to help.

With a little bit of alteration our customer was able to convert some of his existing sack truck by replacing the 200mm wheels with stair climber wheels.  This has made his job a lot easier.

The stair climber wheels are available to buy online at Atlas Handling Uk ltd.















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