Standard cast Iron High Temperature Resistant castors up to 300°C

You're looking at our range of high temperature resistant cast iron castors. Cast iron castors are suitable for such a wide array of applications that we've seen them used in so many weird and wonderful ways and the weirder the better in our book! 

As with any castors there are pros and cons and it's really down to what your application is and how the castors are going ot be used that bring these pros and cons out. With a high temperature resistant cast iron castor, you'd have obviously guessed that they're suitable to work under high temperatures, so you would tend to find these in the manufacuring industry where there would be industrial ovens. They're also very hard wearing and can last a very long time because of this, They also have a great load capacity! 

Some of the cons though would be that they do tend to struggle with debris on the floor, Because the whole wheel is cast iron they can struggle when it comes to obstacles such as those annoying little stones that come in on the bottom of peoples shoes. 

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