BlogInformationSummers Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summers Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summers Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summers coming!!!


Well not quite yet.

There are, however, many companies getting ready for the British summer.  One industry is the BBQ and pig roast manufactures.  A lot of the outside catering cookers use castors to make them mobile.

Atlas Handling Uk ltd supply a multitude of these manufactures of BBQs and Pig roast cookers.  They use castors of different specification depending on the design.  These can range from 100mm castors up to 200mm diameter castors.  They are usually used in combinations of 2 braked castors and 2 fixed castors or 2 fixed castors with some kind of foot mechanism on the other end.  This combination enables them to pushed or pulled, similar to a wheel barrow but when put in position the castors can either be locked or the fixed castors ensure stability while in use.

Most manufactures favour the rubber tyred style castors.  These give the castors good load capacity combined with smooth running, especially as they can be moved on uneven surfaces.  In some cases just a plain nylon wheel in a stainless steel bracket may be used.  These give good load carrying castors with the added bonus of not being corrosive.  This means some BBq’s and pig roast can be left outside for longer.

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