Atlas Handling (UK) Swivel Wheels


Our high quality swivel wheels are available with a variety of options, such as different centres, diameters, capacity sizes, a range of styled castor housing, different bearings, a selection of tread depths and heights, including different bracket and wheel materials to choose from. Please ensure you check each castors product description, to see if its the best choice for you. It will clearly label whether a castor has fixed or swivel wheels, and all its other individual specifications.

Swivel wheels are useful for a variety of applications, with the advantage of being able to withstanding a high level of manoeuvrability, in order to swerve around obstacles. Their wheel and fork can rotate 360 degrees, whilst the top or mounting plate remains in a fixed position. Whereas fixed castors have the top plate rigidly fastened, with the wheel in line with the fixing bolt holes. When pressure is applied through the mounting plate, the offset causes the castor to swivel in line so that it's wheel faces the opposite direction, to the moving castor application. Our swivel wheels can hold an impressive loading capacity, with either standard, heavy or extra heavy duty options available, depending on the weight and application of the castor.

We display detailed tables in our online catalogue, which can be located above on the header tab of our website. The tables give the swivel offset dimensions for all our swivel castors. They will list the horizontal distance between the centre of the wheel axle and the vertical axis, for each swivel head bearing, allowing you to select the right castor sets for your equipment.

Please select our link below, to view all our standard swivel castors, a twin wheel swivel castor is also available via this link.

Swivel Wheel Range

Swivel wheels are fitted into pressed steel castor housing, and as discussed above, are available in a range of different materials, each appropriate for different environments, the grey rubber wheels are non marking ideal for public equipment. 

You may also find, that a swivel option is best suited to even surfaces.

Swivel wheels are a great choice if you require extra flexibility, and are useful in the majority of industries, particularly the hospitality, retail, automotive, agricultural and medical industries. Retail especially, due to the use of shop clothing rails and other similar equipment. They are also ideal for flight case trolleys.

Please click on any of the products above, to find out their individual detailed descriptions. Once you find the product you have been looking for, simply add it to your cart, located on the right of this page, which you can view anytime throughout your browsing, then proceed to our checkout. Our delivery options can also be viewed via this link.