BlogInformationThe Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Chapter 7

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Chapter 7

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Chapter 7

Shane’s lasso was good and true. It found its way round the nearside front wheel and Tonka found himself being pulled suddenly to one side. The metal wheels and the other two, with still a semblance of rubber on them, slipped and skidded before Tonka came to an abrupt halt against the gutter. Bobby ran his heart out to find Tonka slightly askew. Shane’s tug to save the trolley had succeeded in pulling the wheel till it was almost separated from Tonka’s planked main body. The bus driver got down from his cab by placing his feet on the front offside wheel and jumping. He asked Bobby if he was alright then suggested ways of bruising his rear posterior with his boot!

As Bobby had no explanation he turned to Shane, newly arrived at the scene and, pointing at Tonka, asked what had happened. At that moment the local milk man appeared in his electric motor vehicle. The rubber tyred wheels on this vehicle had small chains on to help in slippery weather and applied as and when. He glided passed the bus and stopped to deliver. As if of one mind, Bobby and Shane removed the part hanging onside front wheel and, utilising Shane’s lasso, - the trolley saver, - they hitched the rope under the axle wood and, pulling gently, eased the front wheels off the ground. Attaching the rope to the back of the electric vehicle through a towing hook, they pulled until Tonka was off the ground completely at the front with only the rear wheels to make traction. The milk man came out, deposited his empties without looking at the rear manoeuvre, and started the motor proceeding up Acre Hill. Sitting and clinging on to Tonka, feet in the air, they took a free ride to the top of the hill. The milkman stopped and they quickly disembarked, unhooked Tonka, and with a cheery farewell proceeded on their way pulling the trolley on 3 wheels. They collected the papers and finished delivering together. They would be late and this obviously couldn’t go on as it was.

To be continued...

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