BlogInformationThe Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 2 Chapter 4

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 2 Chapter 4

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 2 Chapter 4

The summer roads were dry and the rubber tyres of the marauding car gripped and squealed as the driver tried to pull away to avoid Tonka...

The car belched fumes and pulled heavily to the right across oncoming traffic. A lorry with great rubber tyred wheels large enough to squash to pulp both the car and Tonka pulled across to the right, threatening oncoming traffic and braked noisily to a halt. The Six occupants in the car were now all tangled but the driver managed to stop, taking part of a hawthorn hedge with him. The two front rubber tyred wheels squealed in protest but found nails and razor sharp tin can in the ditch and hedge. The tyres were pierced and ripped fatally. Multiple punctures ensued and they expired and gave up the ghost.

The Goolee gang as one dashed into the road to retrieve Tonka, taking hold of the rope they pulled the petrified trolley to safety on the footpath. Looking back they noticed a pool of water in the otherwise dry road. Tonka embarrassed greatly, wished the road would swallow him up. What ensued between the lorry driver and the six occupants of the car was a somewhat angry exchange and William felt the need to cover Sharon’s ears with his hands to prevent rough verbal volleys of an accusative nature from ruining their day. Hanging around just long enough to enlarge their vocabularies they set off within a hundred yards turned right onto the canal walkway. As they progressed bicycle after bicycle each having two 24 inch rubber tyred pneumatic wheels, came whizzing towards shouting coarsely for Goolees to get out of the way.

Bobby found his newly acquired vocabulary very handy to counter these rude and thoughtless cyclists. Tonka felt flustered and shaken by this and his previous experience, and regarded the canal water with a longing to cool off. He would shortly live to regret this...

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