BlogInformationThe Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 3 Chapter 8

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 3 Chapter 8

The Adventures of Tonka the Trolley - Volume 3 Chapter 8

There was much activity on the platform with people milling about pulling their private luggage cases on furniture wheels and on sack tracks with sack truck wheels. The large trollies were in use to take items and baggage on and off the train. Tonka, though feeling pleased with himself, could not but admire the trollies and their smoothly moving polyurethane tyred wheels. The back of the trollies had 200mm diameter polyurethane wheels that were fixed, while the front wheels were steered by a tow bar, but Tonka noticed snugly that they made a clattering noise on the platforms.

His own rubber tyred wheels were much smoother. However he did admire the blue wheels. The gang were looking in wonderment at all the people, busy and talking loudly. Several men and women alighted from the train with their bicycles each having large diameter rubber tyred pneumatic wheels. This time though, they didn’t hear any bad language like their last confrontation.

They hadn’t seen this before and Sharon asked William if they could take their bikes and scooters on the train for a journey. William supposed they could but Bobby, who held Tonka’s rope tightly, said they could go on a trip with Tonka as well as, or instead of the bikes. His beautiful new rubber tyred wheels would not mark the floor of the train. While the doors of the train were allowing on passengers they decided to test the situation and Bobby and Shane pulled Tonka sharply round, catching a wheelie bin trolley as he turned, and pulled Tonka onto the train to see if he would fit in. Suddenly there was a loud whistle and the clanking of the doors closing. Tonka was half in and half out. He was in great danger and suddenly wished fervently for the gents...

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