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The History of Castors

The History of Castors

When were castors invented...?

We all appreciate the invention of the wheel was revolutionary, however the invention of the castor was also a moment to be eternally grateful for. Castors have been around for many years, first patented in the late 1800's.

We specialise in a variety of wheels and castors, with the majority of modern day applications requiring our heavy duty castors. Castors and wheels go hand in hand and have each been developed overtime, with ranges now manufactured from a host of different materials, with size and weight capacity options growing.

Castors were primarily made from glass and leather, today long-lasting materials are used. When you look down, you will notice how many objects require smooth mobility.    

The article below mentions how the invention of the wheel assisted many industries and changed the way we live everyday. Transport would be not existent, would you ride a horse to work? The wheel was a pivotal moment in history...

Agricultural power was aided greatly by the castor, assisting animals to work, with material handling mobility improving too, ensuring moving stock over a longer distance was no longer such a struggle for humans and animals alike.

Our furniture castors include a number of many beneficial specifications, which castors have adapted to, offering a more efficient design, including brakes, swivel functionality, twin wheels and much more. 

Read more about castors history via the link below:

If you would like to find out more about our castors and wheels, simply contact our experts today.

Why not research the history of castors in a little more detail yourself and discover the development overtime, and the various styles available. We have many to suit every industries applications, read more about how each industry benefits from the variety of combinations available, here on our Website.

What will be invented tomorrow that could revolutionise the way we live?

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