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The wrong wheels

The wrong wheels

We had a gentleman on the phone today who had an issue with some wheels he had been sold.  The wheels were fitted to a mobile vegetable bed for his garden.  The bed was to be moved around the garden to capture the sun, when it eventually appears again.  Castors for gardens or Garden trollies are quite common as there can be a lot of weight involved in garden trollies and garden flower beds that are mobile.

In this case the vegetable bed was fitted with pneumatic wheels for sack trucks.  They were not good quality wheels and the inner tubes of the wheels kept bursting under the load.  It was also thought that the construction of the steel centred wheels was not good enough to prevent the inner tubes being damaged.

There were two possible solutions to this, puncture proof pneumatics or solid virgin rubber tyred wheels.  Puncture proof wheels in the diameter he needed were going to be very rare and thus hard to find.  As the job needed sorting quickly it was opted to buy the solid rubber wheels.  These would move easier and would not go flat.


With jobs like this, when specifying the castors you must consider the floor they are running over i.e. are the castors on grass or are they castors on concrete or paving.  Also consider the load.  Mobile flower beds or mobile vegetable beds can get very heavy especially in the rain where the soil can get very wet.  This can put extra strain on the castor bracket and castor wheels.

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