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You've no doubt come to this page becasue you're looking for trolley wheels, Am i right? If you're not looking for trolley wheels then i'd love to hear hear how you found this page! 
Before i start to ramble, i'd like to just give you a brief overview of what this page is about as when you're looking for a trolley wheel you may just sit down at your computer and hope that the right one will pop right up at the top of the search results in google. In some cases, yes, it may. However there are actually many different types of trolleys in the world which all serve different purposes, carry different loads and of course are designed to travel on an endless variety of different floor surfaces. When you stop and think about it, That must meen that there are also an endless variety of trolley wheels as well? Right? Well yes, there are and the idea of this hopefully short and sweet blog post is to point you in the right direction so you know what trolley wheel it is that you need and why we're the best castor supply company that you could be buying your castors and wheels from. 

What Should I Know When Buying Trolley Wheels?

We'll start a question that's suprisingly not asked that much despite the importance of it! 
So we have a great selection of wheel materials available when it comes to trolley wheels but before we can give you the answer to which wheel material it is that would be suitable for you we need to know a few things such as. What floor surface you will be using  your trolley wheels on, Is the floor even? Is there any debris on the floor as some wheel materials are much more capable of overcoming debris than others, Just even a small stone would be enough to potentially to stop a nylon trolley wheel where as a pneumatic trolley wheel would go over it with ease. 

A few other questions that we might ask would be thing such as how regular the trolley is going to move, We simply ask this because some wheel materials such as rubber can be prone to develop flat spots on them if they're left stationary for a long period of time. The only way i can describe this to you is with a visualisation, Picture it, You're at the garden centre, it's the middle of July, It's sunny and everybody has come out to buy water slides for the kids, Take their parents shopping for new bedding plants and then stop for an icecream on the way out. But let's rewind, Because of how busy the garden centre is you've only got the choice of the last few flatbed trolleys that have been sat way at the back of the pile since last summer! You start to push the trolley around and you can feel that bump can't you? Bump, Bump, Bump... How irritating is that? They made trolley wheels round for a reason! It's really a bad choice for the manufacturers of these trolleys to be totally honest. That's one of my own personal experiences with a flat on a trolley wheel and it's honestly something that really does bug me. 

Another rather important question that would be asked would be the total load that you'd be expecting the trolley wheel to take, Now we're often called up or emailed by people who are looking for heavy duty trolley wheels, That's great but i'd like to consider us an honest company and we'd never want to sell a product that is completely overkill for the application it's being used for but just as equally we wouldn't want to sell anybody a product that wouldn't be up to the task. So load capacity is really quite important, The total figure that you would need to know is how much the trolley itself would be carrying when it's fully loaded as oddly people don't usually think about that. 

Do I Need A Trolley Wheel Or A Castor?

Something else I'd really like to point out is whether or not it's actually just the trolley wheel you're after as we notice that a lot of people may be looking for a trolley wheel as they assume that's all it is i'm honestly quite guilty of that myself, Before i started working with Atlas Handling UK Ltd if i needed a trolley wheel, i would have just typed in trolley wheel when i would have probably actually needed the whole castor assembly. 

The trolley wheel is just that, it's just the wheel, no bracket, no assembly or brake, just the wheel on it's own that you would then place into a bracket or fix onto something. We tend to find that a lot of people actually do need the complete castor whether it be a fixed castor, swivel castor, braked castor or one of the many other types of castor we sell. This can often cause confusion then with pricing as the wheel on its own is obviously cheaper than the complete castor. If the case is that you do need the complete castor, don't worry, we can most certainly help you with that as well as we're one of the UK's largest castor companies! 

You can find more about selecting the correct castor wheel on our handy blog post here or please click a picture below to be taken to the correct product category.

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Can You Help Me Find The Right Castor Or Trolley Wheel? 

Yes, We're more than happy to offer advice and guidence when it comes to selecting castors and wheels! We've been in the industry for almost 30 years and we're not only a retail supply company, we actually supply a lot of other castor and wheel companies as well so to have that trust should more than show we know a thing or two about castors! 

If you've read all of the above and you're still unsure what particular product you need for your application, please feel free to call us on 01527 506702 and one of us will be more than  happy to help you find the correct trolley wheel or castor. We will more than likely ask you some of the above questions as well so it would be usefull if you could take a few notes down before calling us so we know basic information such as floor type, the load capacity you'll be needing and other basic information such as bore size if you're just after a wheel, whether or not you need a trolley wheel that has a wheel bearing or no bearing etc.... We could really go into some depth with this but we're only doing it so we can find the correct castor or trolley wheel for the application you need. The last thing you want is a product that's going to fail during service. 

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