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What a waste

What a waste

We had a customer Email us with a problem with some bins.   It wasn’t clear to begin with but the bins were on a ship that was to leave port in a few days so they needed the castors quickly.

Luckily Atlas Handling Uk ltd. stock a range of bin castors; castors for waste bins.

As this was an urgent job we had to determine what type of bin castors were needed.  We have mentioned before that we hold stock of wheelie bin wheels and axle’s sets for bins, but these were for waste container bins which are a lot larger. 

Waste container castors do have some vitiations and differences to standard castors for bins.  There are differences in the swivel bracket and differences in the brake mechanism.  Firstly they come as two sizes i.e. 160mm castors or 200mm castors.  The wheels can either be steel cantered wheels or plastic cantered wheels.  They both use the same virgin rubber tyres so the main difference comes down to the wheel centre material, either steel or plastic.  The choice here can be down to weight or environment as to whether you use the plastic centred wheels or the steel cantered wheels.

The brakes on the castors are also different.  Then most common brake on castor is called a trailing brake, this means when you pull the waste containers the brake is not on the correct side to put your foot on.  The waste container castors are fitted with leading brakes; this means that the brakes pedal is accessible from the side you are pulling from thus making them safer.  Depending on the design of waste container depends on the design of waste container brake castor you fit, we have them with a short brake pedal or a longer brake pedal.

The swivel castors are also fitted with a slot so a directional lock can be fitted to the castor.  In some cases when waste containers are used they have to be positioned for machinery to lift them.  If direction lock castors are fitted the castors can be locked in one direction making them easier to position.

If you have a requirement or need some prices on waster container castors please contact us in the office.


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