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Wheelie bin wheels

Well after a weekend of decent weather we could say that there was probably an upsurge in the amount of people that spent at least one day trying to tidy up their gardens.

While attempting to do this myself I decided that I had better service the garden trolley, which also doubles as a toy carrying trolley and make shift go cart!  Luckily on close inspection the trolley didn’t look in too bad condition as it had been stored in the garage over the winter period.  The wheels where not too bad and as they are pneumatic wheels they just needed inflating a little and the trolley was back in use.  Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the children to spot the trolley and it was taken from me for alternative uses.

As my garden trolley was constantly being taken of me I found myself looking around the garden for an alternative trolley that would relive the strain on my body.  Somewhere along the line, I am sure I am not alone in this, I seem to have “acquired” a spare wheelie bin.  Although they are already designed as a type of trolley and we have a dedicated wheel bin for garden waste, they do not lend themselves to kneeling down and dragging something behind you to sling the waste in; they are too tall.

I decided to have a quick web search to see if a suitable conversion had been derived to turn the wheelie bin into a more useful garden trolley.  Unsurprisingly there a lot of people with the same idea and It seems, since the wheel bin was introduced, there are many uses for this bin.  With the use of a saw and extra castors or wheels they have been turned into all sorts of different trollies; some of the more basic conversions include compost trolleys/wheelie bin composter, mobile water butts, cut the front of and made into a garden tool carrying trolley.

Some of the more unusual uses include speaker cabinets, lying them down and attaching the front of a bike to create a tricycle, cutting them down and adding a couple of wheels to the front to make a go cart.

By the time I had found an adequate design to convert my wheelie bin the children were bored and I was able to retrieve my existing garden trolley leaving the job of converting my “spare” wheelie bin into something else for another day.

At least I have an abundance of choices when it comes to adding wheels or castors too it. We also sell replacement wheelie bin wheels and wheelie bin axles if needed.  Another project “binned” for the moment!

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