Designed and structured to be long lasting, strong and being able to withstand even the most rigorous of messy substances such as grease and oil, the nylon wheel is tough and has excellent wear resistance whilst weighing less than its cast iron counterpart. 

The high compressive strength of nylon is one of its most unusual and helpful characteristics, withstanding the stress of weight pressing down on it over a long period, it is the material of choice in many applications requiring resistance and durability.

Suitable for a wide range of applications our nylon with ball bearing wheel provides a very strong and non marking solution to your needs. With excellent resistance against chemicals and oils, this heavy duty structured wheel can withstand high load capacities whilst being inexpensive and designed for a long-life thanks to its impact, tear and wear resistance.

Perfect for the food processing industry our wheels are made from tasteless, odourless and hygenic nylon and operate within temperatures as low as  -20°C. 

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