Cast Iron

Cast Iron Wheels by Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Cast iron wheels are extremely long-lasting. Cast iron is also designed to stand up to the rigors of “messy” applications. When you need a trolley wheel that can stand up to the effects of substances such as grease, oils, and corrosive chemicals, cast iron has the ability to keep on rolling. It demonstrates normal oxidation resistance, and although its exterior will rust after periods of exposure, its structural integrity remains intact.

The low melting point of unfinished iron makes casting into a wide variety of useful products fairly easy. Once it has been cast and treated, however, it becomes highly-resistant to extremes of temperature (both high and low), making it suitable for use in some of the harshest environments imaginable.

The high compressive strength of cast iron is one of its most unusual and helpful characteristics. Because it can withstand the stress of weight pressing down on it over a long period, it is the material of choice in many applications requiring high strength, high temperatures and long life.

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