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Wheely good wheels

Wheely good wheels

Ok admit it, how many people are looking at their gardens and wishing the weather would improve!  Well while the weather is so bad are there any preparations we can do so when the sun comes out we can get some clearing up done before it rains again.

There are many garden tools to help us do this, but there are a couple that rely on wheels to help us get the garden the way we want it; wheel barrows have been around for many years and have always used the same design.  This requires the use of a wheel barrow wheel at the front.  These wheel barrow wheels come in various designs and wheel sizes.  We have pneumatic wheels/air filled wheels or you may have solid rubber wheel barrow wheels fitted.

Pneumatic wheel barrow wheels have the advantage of spreading the load so move better over soft ground; they however, have the potential to get punctures.  You can either repair the inner tubes or replace the wheel barrow wheel inner tube.

The solid rubber tyred wheel has the advantage of carrying larger loads; these are used on heavy duty wheel barrows.  They do have a wide tread wheel but this does not always stop them damaging soft ground.  Also they don’t suffer punctures like the air filled wheels

There are other garden tools that use wheels such as garden trollies and sack trucks, again these may use solid rubber wheels or pneumatic trolley wheels.

Some lawn mowers have wheels or castors fitted to them; and you can get wheels on rotavators.

Atlas handling uk ltd have a wide range of pneumatic wheels and solid rubber wheels that can be fitted to these types of garden machinery.  Some are available on our website but give us a call and we can match you up with the correct wheel for your application.

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