Waste & Recycling Management

For good waste management and control, we supply a large range of waste services castors, specifically designed and engineered for the waste and recycling industry. Most companies have their waste collected regularly, therefore we stock a range of waste container castors and wheels, there are several choices 160mm and 200mm are the most popular.

Our range below are able to withstand weight capacities of between 60kg to 1500kg, accommodating for any heavy duty castor requirements if necessary. Our waste services castors vary in size. Swivel castors often with directional locks fitted or swivel braked castors without or with directional locks. Fixed castors are not normally used in our experience, they are not suitable and should be avoided. Rubber or elastic rubber is the preferred choice if however, the application is being towed we would recommend our DRWC160EABJ, these are waste container castors which can be towed.

We also offer domestic wheelie bin bins and replacement steel axle shafts from stock. Whether rubber or elastic rubber is chosen the larger the diameter wheel the easy to manoeuvre, ultimately push and pull. Other wheel materials are used sometimes simply due to budget, it is hard to argue they are only waste bins, however remember waste bins are used and abused. Short brake pedals have been used to avoid banging into the drain plug, many waste containers have, not all waste bins or containers use drain plugs but it is worth noting.  

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