SSDR Braked

Stainless Steel Poly Nylon Braked Castors

You're looking at our range of Stainless Steel Poly Nylon Braked Castors, If you've worked in the catering & hospitality trade then you've probably seen stainless steel castors before.
If you do work in the Hospitality & Catering trade though and haven't seen stainless steel castors before, this is really something that's worth a look at. Not only will it look better to have rust free castors but it will also be more cost effective in the long run as you'll be replacing your castors less frequently as they'll be lasting you much longer.... Unless you're not treading them right ofcourse. 

So these castors are made from a Polyurethane Tread on a White Nylon Centre all housed in a Stainless Steel bracket. You'll notice as well looking at the product descriptions that most of our stainless steel castors don't have bearings in them due to it being just one more part that could possibly rust. 

The stainless steel braked castors are available in five different sizes which include 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm. The bigger the size the higher the load capacity that the castor can support. The largest stainless steel braked castor being 200mm in diameter can support up to 350kg per castor! 

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