DNGREPA Swivel Castors

Twin Wheel Heavy Duty Castors with Elastic Polyurethane Tread on an Aluminium Centre

You're looking at our range of heavy duty DNGREPA twin wheel swivel castors! Suitable for a wide range of heavy duty appications. Not only are these castors a great fit for most industrial & heavy duty applications but they also look great! 

Obviously, the overall function, features and specification of the castor in question are always going to be the main selling point of that particular castor but often the look can also play a part! Some customers don't want the castors on their equipment / display stand / stage hardware to be visble other times the castor can almost become a feature of the application that it's actually being used for! These heavy duty castors are no exception to the rule! We personally find them very good looking when you consider that is a castor. 

These heavy duty twin wheel swivel castors are currently available in two sizes, those being 160mm and 200mm. They're also available as a heavy duty twin wheel fixed castor as well if so required. 

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